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Chapter One: The Shadow

    It was just another regular night until… he came. I was walking down Scary Ghost Ave last night and then I saw this shadow.  It was a rocky abandoned road.  My house was the only one on the street.  It was eerily quiet.  I looked straight at the shadow. Then it stared back at me, or so I thought.

    I didn’t really like that thing, so I quickly headed back home. I ate dinner thinking about that creepy thing looking at me.  As I was cleaning up the dishes, it started to rain hard.  It sounded like bullets raining down on my roof.  

    I went to my room, I tried to think about who that creature was.

    I heard a tapping on the window in my bedroom. “What was that!”? “It’s just the rain drops tapping on the glass,” I told myself.  I just tried to get rest but I couldn’t stand that thing, it’s like it was beside me  creeping on me to pop right at me. Then I heard this voice saying, “I see you… “whistles” I thought I was imagining things but I was getting creeped out and I went down to get some warm milk to help me sleep. I still heard random noises coming down. “ WHAT, Who goes there!”? I grabbed my kitchen knife and was trying to think what kind of creature made that noise. “Come out and fight like a man!” I was gonna check the basement.

    I was ready to see what was beyond that door, a ghost, a ghoul, a vampire? I thought to myself, one, two, THREE!” I kicked the door, then it was that shadow that I saw earlier. It started running away, I ran down the stairs but then I thought to myself, “i’m not getting closer to the ground, i’m getting behind.” It’s like the stairs is going on forever. “What is this, a kind of curse!”? Then the room became darker and darker, and the door shut behind me. I was aghast. “Welcome Michael D’Antonio”.

    “AHH, who was that!”? I shouted.

    “You don’t recognize this voice?, interesting” . my heart is now beating like it’s gonna blow up from a bloody nuke. When I was panicking, I started to faint.

    “Gasp!” I woke up in my bed as if I was poured with cold or icy water. It’s morning. I jumped out of bed and was now running the stairs down to the basement to see if the shadow still remained. It’s nothing but old junk and dust down there. Wait, what the heck is that on the ground?

    It’s a knife with blood. I looked down at my chest, I found a little bit of blood stains on my shirt. I lifted up my shirt a little, it’s a cut. “Was it a dream” I thought to myself. In the afternoon, I started to feel pain inside of me. It’s like John Cena punching me in the chest really hard.

    I went up to the attic to find some useful items that I can use for the defense for myself so I can try to capture this creature that is lurking in the dark shadows. I ran up and looked around. I found some rope, and an old bat, some old rusty nails, a hammer, and over 10 mirrors. And I found old boxes and luggages that all had my name on it. “Oh, I forgot I needed to send these back to Italy back to my grandparents.  Anyways, I will use everything, I have a great plan for the mirrors. I need to grab my saw which is in the garage, the oldest place in the house.”

    I go to the creepy old garage where all of the old vintage items are kept. I found an old wagon, I needed to find any sharp items like saws, axes, or maybe a wagon filled with many old treasures. There I searched, I only found broken axes with no head, and saws with no saw, and wagons only filled with empty boxes. The people who used to live here, must of took most of the vintage stuff in here.”Wow , this place is really dusty. Gahh, why is it so dusty?” I started getting dust in my eyes, and I saw a dust tornado forming right in front of my eyes! I started running back with all of the supplies that I have.

    Now, the floor was falling and the rooms started turning black behind me. I started running but everything was pitch black. I started falling down. Then that strange headache came back except, it formed into a white shadow. It’s that same shadow but now he’s white. He taunts at me and says come at me. I have nothing but my hands. I charged at him and then I punched straight through the… mirror. “WHAT, he’s using my own stuff against me. Does this mean, is he now in human form?” I used my fist and punched every mirror to see if he was the one. Right and left is just mirrors. I only had 10 mirrors in the attic, and now there is a maze of them. I smashed one after the other. My fists are covered in blood and glass. This hurts so much.

    Then I felt something and there he was, the shadow. “Hello Michael D’Antonio, I see we have met again.  Now you shall fight me.”

    “But you will lose.” I charged and attacked him with a broken glass piece.”My goodness, your blood is… white?”

    “You really think I would die from a little glass shank?  You disgust me”. I started punching him hard as I can. Right, left, right, left, my fists were in so much pain that I could cry. I started to feel something.

    This Person’s eyes look familiar, the shirt looked familiar. “Wait… is it, could it be?” This person looks just like my father.

    “Father?” Is that you that i’m punching at?”

“Yes son.  You fight really good. But i’m sorry for not telling you that it’s me. My heart is now shattered. Now, I shall depart you.  I wanted you to be dead with me.  I shouldn’t have done this to you. But heed my words and heed them well, run away from this place. It contains plenty of mysterious stuff. You must live with someone else. Tomorrow, will be a new day for me and you will have a new life. Please be with someone you care for. Make your own family. I am running out of time. Goodbye, FOREVA!


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